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Hello fellas! today, I'm going to tell you about my school event, Gathrapraya. Gathapraya is an annual cultural festival of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. This event was held on 30th September 2017.
Gathapraya was enlivened by super cool guest stars such as Nidji, Elephant Kind, and Hivi! there was also Parade Nusantara and Fashion Show. What makes this event was so unforgettable is because I and my friend Fariz was being a representative of our class for the fashion show! we were choosed to wear Kalimantan Utara traditional costume. Every representative wear traditional costume from different province.

The event began with Parade Nusantara and the representative from X Science 6 which is me and Fariz was attend the Parade Nusantara by riding horse. It was a very terrifying! because I never riding horse before. After we arrived in Lapangan Bali, we were ready for the Fashion Show. I was quiet nervous back then hehe. 

Time for the winner announcement! I and Fariz were nervous yet optimistic…

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