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Offer And Suggest

Hello peeps! After a really long holiday, I finally come back to school and this following dialogue is my first task in this semester. It's the example on how to offer and suggest something. All made by Mahyana and R. Fathia. Enjoy!

Mahya : "Hi Fathia! how are you doing?" Fathia  : "Hi Mahya! I'm all fine, thank's!" Mahya : "By the way, as you know that the Cultural Tour is coming really soon, have you pack your stuff?" Fathia  : "Umm, I haven't. I think I'll do it tomorrow." Mahya : "Really? I suggest that you have to pack it as soon as possible!" Fathia  : " Yes, you're right. But sadly, I can't because I have another thing to do immediately." Mahya : "Well, if you want, I can help you to pack your stuff :)"
Fathia  : "Okay thank's Mahya :)"

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