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Meet me again! now I'm back with another story of my life haha This time I'm going to tell my grateful experience. Being grateful is a must! we have to be grateful in every single day.
Okay, let's move to the story!
One day, when I was still 6 years old I was in the cafe with my family. We're about to get dinner. After ordered some foods and beverages me and and my sister walking around the cafe. Not long, the foods are already served on the table so I and my sister comeback for having our meal. Everything goes normal, but,
After having my meal I feel so bored because my family haven't finish the dinner so I went to the kidzone while waiting for my family. I was enjoy playing without pay attention to my family. After feeling tired, i'm back to the table where my family was eating but unfortunately there was no my family sitting right there! I was in panic then I searching around the cafe but I still can find my family! then

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